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Welcome to Kindergarten

Teacher and Students
All About Miss Long:
I am an Illinois native and attended Western Illinois University. I earned a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. I came to Hannibal in 2000. I have taught Kindergarten at Stowell since 2001. I earned a Master's Degree in Education with a literacy focus from Hannibal LaGrange in 2009.
I enjoy baking and cooking, traveling, and time with family and friends, and being active in my church. I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Some of my favorites are the color green, coffee, chocolate and peanut butter.
I love teaching Kindergarten for their eagerness to learn, their constant energy, and for the great stories and moments we share that often bring a smile

Teacher and Students

All About Mrs. Sims:
I am a life-long resident of Hannibal. My husband and I have two sons. Clayton is a freshman at Truman State University and Carter is a sophomore at Hannibal High School. I enjoy spending time with family, being active in my church, traveling, watching the St. Louis Cardinals, and riding motorcycles.
I am a graduate of Hannibal High School and Hannibal-LaGrange University. In 2009, I earned a Master of Education in Administration from William Woods University. I have taught at Stowell since 2006. While at Stowell, I have taught Kindergarten, 4th grade, and Music.
I love teaching Kindergarten! It is exciting to watch students grow and learn.

8:20 - Morning Routine
Get out folder, hang up backpack, take attendance, prepare for the day
8:30 - Calendar
8:45 - Shared Reading/Poetry
9:00 - Writing
9:45 - Literacy Block
10:45 - Specials
A Day-P.E., B Day- STEM, C Day-Music,
D Day- Art
A Day-Art, B Day-P.E., C Day-STEM,
D Day-Music
11:30 - Lunch
12:20 - Integration
12:50 - Math
12:10 - Math
12:50 - Integration
1:20 - Math Stations
1:45 - Science/Social Studies
2:30 - Recess
3:10 - Dismissal

Essential Skills

1st Quarter:
*Know 13 or more uppercase letters
*Knows 13 or more lowercase letters
*Know 13 or more sounds
*Reads 10 or more sight words
*Writes first name
*Count to 25
* Identify 0 -10

2nd Quarter:
*Know 26 uppercase letters
*Knows 26 lowercase letters
*Know 26 sounds
*Reads 20 or more sight words
*Writes first and last name
*Count to 50
* Identify 0 -15

3rd Quarter:
*Know all letters and sounds
*Bringing home Level D books
*Reads 30 or more sight words
*Writes first and last name
*Count to 75
* Identify 0 -20
*Fluently adds numbers 0-5

4th Quarter:
*Writes at least 3 sentences on a topic
* Can write using: capital first letter, finger spaces, punctuation, letter/sound knowledge of known words
*Bringing home Level E books
*Reads 40 or more sight words
*Counts to 100
*Identify 0-31
*Fluently subtracts numbers 0-5
*Identifies 4 coins

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